There is a cycling studio phenomenon sweeping the country and its finally arrived in SLC. Rideologie is the first of its kind and is conveniently located in Sugarhouse.
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Our Story

Spinning has been around for decades and is proven as a very effective and efficient exercise. But to do it alone vs. do it with a class is a night and day experience. We at Rideologie don't just offer equipment to use, we offer an experience.

Of course it all starts with state of the art bikes but from there the energy is infused by people. You! Our Instructors! Music! The healthy addiction, the positive habit, comes from the comradery you'll experience by engaging and committing to fitness together with our community. We ride together in unison, the motivation is both conscious and subconscious, as we follow the spirited choreography of our instructors. We ride together!

Riders everywhere say it's changing their lives. In a world of so many bad habits it's nice to have a good one. Our riders come from all ages, backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience. So decide to ride!